Our Business Vision

Monozukuri Global Support is a site to help you find and locate Japanese technicians with a great deal of experience in MONOZUKURI (Japanese ways of manufacturing).

In recent years, the Japanese companies have been expanding their business to overseas , especially to the emerging markets like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Brazil.

In particular, with the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, the concerns over natural disasters, energy shortages, and the high appreciation of the Japanese Yen have driven the Japanese companies to even more expand their business overseas.

Under these circumstances, we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from these companies for experienced Japanese technical personnel. Moreover, a large number of companies outside Japan are looking for a way to improve their production line and quality with the Japanese Monozukuri (manufacturing technology).

On the other hand, in Japan there are a large number of highly skilled technicians who are aiming to work outside Japan after retiring.

We, from Monozukuri Global Support, are here to tie this demand and supply.
In Japan, we have already registered a lot of Japanese technicians and consultants who are willing and determined to show their capacity!

Contact us, we can present them for you!

The advantage of Monozukuri Global Support - We solve your worries and needs!

Japanese companiesalready set up operation overseas

Japanese companiesplanning to advancein new markets.

Local  companies

  • We have problems in achieving quality and increasing productivity. We are interested in receiving skilled Japanese technicians periodically to train our workers and improve our business.
  • We want someone who will work in the management team of our production plant if they like our system.
  • We need Japanese experienced technicians and their know-how for a certain period of time for an efficient start-up and a smooth operation of the plant.
  • We want someone who will work in the management team of our production plant if they like our system.
  • You can search and find human resources with know-how and experience of Japanese manufaturing technics(to hire as a shor-time visiting instructor or as an employee.)


Our Human personnel is full of Japanese technical experience and is ready to go to to work outside Japan.
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